Symons Transport on show at E Road Fleet Day 2023

A few of the team had a great day at this year’s E Road Fleet Day in Hamilton. We took the opportunity to take a couple of vehicles as well so it really was a great day to learn a few things and get the brand on show.

Graham Henry kicked things off with some golden lessons from professional sport that any organisation can apply, leadership and accountability (organisational and individual) being at the forefront. Here at Symons Group we aspire to be the “All Blacks” of the industries we work in so hearing from one of our most successful coaches truly was inspiring and got the old grey matter ticking over.

Electric / hydrogen is coming so it’s exciting to see how that is going to look and we look forward to being part of the evolution of the industry.

He may have been talking about evolution but Charles Darwin hit the nail on the head with the concept that if we don’t adapt we won’t survive so days like this are good for keeping us on top of our game.

Thanks to the E Road team for the invite and allowing us to have the gear on show.