Waste Remediation

Waste Remediation Services complete Symons Group’s key objective to be a one-stop shop to the Energy sector.

WRS was established by Symons Group in 2014. This service specialises in a fully integrated waste disposal system dedicated to land farming, which are fully compliant with TRC conditions and operational in South Taranaki.

Waste Remediation Services works with all parties involved, such as landowners, surveyors, planners, councils and contractors to ensure a seamless process. Transportation, security, disposal, monitoring and reporting are compliant and handled efficiently by our specialised WRS Management Team.

As a result of our land farming solution, WRS provides significant operating and capital improvements to our land owners.

As part of Symons Group’s principle of high performance, WRS goes above and beyond the necessary remediation requirements to the environment while delivering the best solution to our clients.