Water Delivery

Once you have completed the required information below, a member of our team will be in touch to confirm rates and delivery details. Please have a read through our Water Deliveries FAQ for some more handy info and if you have any questions please contact our Transport Logistics Team on 06 755 9042 or email water@symonsgroup.co.nz.

    If you're having issues submitting the form please contact us.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What happens if the truck can't get to my tank?

    Not to worry, we will attempt to reschedule the delivery to give you a bit of time to sort the problem i.e. cut some branches down/move an obstruction/tie up the dog.

    Can we deliver to two different tanks on my property?

    Absolutely. As a general rule if the truck doesn't need to move then it's all good. If the truck has to pack up hoses and drive to another part of your property there may be a small additional cost.

    What if I don’t need the entire 12,000 litres?

    The vast majority of the price is the running cost of our equipment and the wages of our driver. The price is the same regardless of how much water you take so we recommend you have enough storage to take the whole lot. We actually come with 12,000-14,000 litres but allow for a little spillage so it's a great deal.

    Why wouldn’t the driver delivery to my property?

    At Symons, we are proud of our safety culture and the care we take with both our customer's property and our own equipment. We won't put you, your property or our drivers and trucks at risk so please have a good think about where our truck will need to go to deliver your water before you say the access is good.

    Is there a charge if the water can’t be delivered?

    Our drivers don't like not being able to deliver water to thirsty people so please have a good look at where you think the truck would need to drive before you tell us we can get in. If we can't get into the property when you've said we could then the cost of getting the truck out to you will be passed on.

    Why do I still get charged if you can’t deliver?

    The vast majority of the price for the delivery is the running cost of our equipment and the wages of our driver so because we have come to the property we need to recoup our cost. A non delivery to one customer also poentially means someone else missed out that day.

    What are the access requirements?

    Great question! We are the same size as a milk tanker/concrete truck. We need a gap that's 3 metres tall by 3 metres wide and we don't do sharp turns well as we're quite long. We're also pretty heavy so if the ground isn't very solid underfoot then there's a good chance we might ruin your lawn or worse yet get stuck. We're animal lovers but don't enjoy getting bitten by dogs so these will need to be tied up somewhere to allow our drivers to position the truck and get to the tank.

    Could you drive through a paddock to get your our tank?

    Well, that depends too. Our trucks are built for the road so if you wouldn't take your car in there then our trucks won't go there either. As a general rule in the summertime, if the ground is relatively flat we will be able to get around. Unfortunately we don't have time to move stock so if you do think we need to go through a paddock please put your animals in another paddock.

    How close do you need to be to our tank?

    We carry 50 metres of hose in our standard kit. We can bring more but you'll need to let us know and it does work our pumps pretty hard if we're pumping further than 50 metres especially if it's uphill.

    Do I need to be home when you deliver?

    If your tank position is straightforward then you don't need to be there. We'll figure it out. If you have a dog/attack cat please put them somewhere that allows us to get access to the tank without losing any skin.

    Why did I get a boil water notice?

    Don't panic, it's just a precaution. The water we deliver comes directly from approved council water points so is as clean as it gets. The boil water notice is more around any sediment getting stirred up in your tanks so it pays to let them sit for a couple of hours before you quench your thirst. If you don't have time to let the water settle leave us a seperate (clean) container to fill so you have some drinkinng water.

    When do I need to pay?

    During the dry season we can get pretty busy so it pays to book a few days in advance. Payment is required prior to scheduling the delivery i.e. you will need to pay before we confirm the delivery time. Our accounts team will contact you.

    How much does it cost?

    The rates vary depending on how far we need to travel. Best thing to do here is talk with the office.

    Why should I use Symons Transport?

    We are one of only a couple of registered carriers in New Plymouth so you can have confidence the water you get is clean. By all means try another provider but please check that they are registered with the TDHB under the Health (Drinking Water) Amendment Act 2007.