Out of the driver’s seat and into the Fire

A big thanks to the crew at Wood Training Taranaki for one of the best courses we’ve had the pleasure of completing. A dozen of the team spent the day learning fire science and being put through their paces dealing with scenarios they may face as bulk liquid dangerous goods drivers.

A half day of theory to set the scene and learn the basics was followed up by the lads being broken into small teams to deal with loss of containment, protection of stormwater drains and estimating the quantity of a spill based on the foot print of the liquid.

The heat was then turned up (literally) and the crew dealt with several fire scenarios ranging from an ignited loss of containment in open and bunded areas, a tyre fire, and a demo to finish off of what LPG under pressure looks and sounds like when it ignites.

A great bit of training that goes well above the box ticking exercises often seen in the industry.