Growing “Little Truckers”

Little Trucker Down Under is the first truck magazine aimed at promoting the transport industry to children and Symons is a part of this promotion.

Today it’s not easy to get kids in trucks with heroes and mentors, so we have to think of new ways to help ignite a love of trucks and road transport and develop that passion through to adulthood.

Little Trucker Down Under is part of an early life strategy to help spark an interest in our industry. It compliments a non-device, interactive, participatory, medium. The stories, photos, puzzles, and drawing / colouring competitions not only entertain but assist the cognitive learning process.

Symons currently sponsor 200 copies of this magazine out to 7 local schools, all schools the driver team here nominated – Mimi, Egmont Village, Fitzroy, St John Bosco, Omata, Oakura and Bell Block.

If you have trucking enthusiast kids in your family and keen to share the kids’ experiences, stories and photos, the team at Little Trucker Down Under would like to see them.